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DCD-24 Word Clock Distributor/Generator

Brainstorm Electronics DCD-24 Word Clock Distributor/Generator

24 outputs – genlocks to external references – great jitter reduction
Brainstorm Electronics DCD-24 Front Panel

The DCD-24 is both a Word Clock Generator and a Distributor, using exceptional jitter reduction technology

ith 24 BNC outputs the DCD-24 sends accurate Word Clock throughout an installation


Flexibility and easy integration
  • 1 x 24 Word Clock Distributor
  • High precision Word Clock Generator
  • References: Word Clock, AES, Video Sync (HD & SD), 10 MHz
  • Exceptional Jitter reduction technology (Jet PLL)
  • Gearboxing: output rate can be different than input rate (reference)
  • Pull up and pull down rates available as well as VSO (+ or – 200 cents)
  • Simple convenient dual redundant power supply support
  • Ethernet port: remotely set and monitor parameters + load firmware updates

Flexible Output Frequencies

The DCD-24 provides word clock at frequencies up to 192KHz locked to its high precision internal crystal or to an external reference – WC, Video Sync (all standard HD & SD rates), AES3 or 10 MHz (from GPS or Rubidium clocks).

The rate of the reference (input) is automatically measured and “learned” while the output rate can be either identical to the input (‘follow input’ – WC or AES only) or set to any other frequency regardless of the input rate.

Outputs 17-24 have a multiplier/divider so that 2 different rates can be distriibuted simultaneously by the DCD-24, for example 48K and 96K.

Auto Failover

If the external reference fails, the DCD-24 switches to internal until the reference returns, smoothly, automatically and without sync shock.


An Ethernet port is included to remotely set and monitor the unit. It is also used to update the firmware.

Power Redundancy

Two external 12VDC power supply can be connected to the DCD-24. It can operate with either of these power sources and they can both act as a back-up for the other with auto switch-over in the event of a failure.

Brainstorm DCD-24 Rear


  • 1 x BNC connector
  • Accepts WC, AES, Video Sync (HD & SD), 10 MHz
  • 24 x Word Clock BNC
  • JetPLL
  • Generates all standard rates from 32KHz to 192KHz
  • Pull up/down: 0.1% and 4%
  • VSO: + to – 200 cents
  • Input frequency counter:
  • Output termination measurement (DC)
    • Reference input: BNC (x1)
    • Word Clock outputs: BNC (x24)
    • Ethernet: RJ45 (x1)
    • Power: 4 pin circular (x2)


  • 12 VDC @ 5A
  • Dual inputs with auto switch-over for redundancy
  • External, switching power supply
  • 19” x 1.75” x 8.125” (48.26 cm x 4.45 cm x 20.64 cm)


  1. Can the DCD-24 generate several WC frequencies simultaneously?
    • It can, but only multiple numbers. The DCD-24 is a single domain generator but it has a divider/multiplier on outputs 21-24 so that two multiple frequencies can be generated simultaneously such as 48KHz and 96KHz for example or 176.40KHz and 44.1KHz..
  2. How can I see the frequency of the reference or the input frequency?
    • While holding down the VIEW button, the 6 digit display shows the frequency of the reference or input frequency. When you release it, it returns to displaying the output frequency.
  3. What does it mean when the GEARBOXING LED lights up?
    • The term Gearboxing is used when mixed rates are synchronized together. The DCD-12 has the ability to generate a frequency different than that of the reference. For example, with a 44.1KHz reference the DCD-12 can generate 96KHz. That is when GEARBOXING lights up.