Sanken Chromatic Mics and Brainstorm Electronics Sync and Clocking Solutions Exhibit at Virtual AES 2020

Oct 19th-24th

Sanken Chromatic and Brainstorm AES 2020

AES 2020 Brainstorm Video Event Presentation with Jim Pace and Bernard Frings

The DXD Universal Clocks and PTP Sync

Sanken Chromatic Music Mics – Featuring CUX-100K and the CU-51 and CU-55

Sanken Microphones is introducing at AES the new CUX-100K Cardioid or Omnidirectional super wide range professional microphone. The newest mic in the Sanken Chromatic line is based on the very popular omni-mode CO-100K, but with the ability to change modes with three settings: Cardioid (Far), Cardioid (Near) and Omni modes. The mic is available now from Sanken Chromatic dealers.

Sanken microphones also showcases the CU-55 cardioid microphone. Featuring a modern, compact design, the CU-55 provides a rich vintage sound in a small, lightweight, easy to position package.  The CU-51 dual-diaphragm condenser mic is also on display and offers a new dual-capsule design pioneered by Sanken, providing an exacting cardioid pattern ideal for vocals and a wide range of musical applications.

Brainstorm Electronics – Featuring the DXD-8 and DXD-16 Universal Clocks

The latest from Brainstorm Electronics is the NEW PTP and GPS feature set for the DXD Universal Clock line, designed to be the central source of time in a modern Audio/Video installation. By combining PTP, GPS and legacy Sync it will keep the traditional A/V equipment and the IP network in sync, expanding the user’s ability to take advantage of the AES67, SMPTE 2110, Dante®, Ravenna formats for media over IP.

The DXD-8 Universal Clock, a precision multi-format reference generator generates up to 4 independent video syncs and audio clocks simultaneously and distributes them through its 8 BNC universal Outputs. With the PTP option, it acts as a bridge between an IP infrastructure and legacy A/V equipment.

The DXD-16, with 4 independent PTP ports, can be either a PTP Grandmaster, slave or Boundary Clock, supporting AES67 and SMPTE 2059 PTP profiles. Simultaneously, the multi-format reference generator generates 6 independent legacy syncs and distributes them through its 16 BNC universal outputs.