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Brainstorm Electronics was founded in 1987 in Los Angeles, California, by 3 engineers interested in solving problems commonly found in recording studios but not always properly addressed by other manufacturers.

After designing several accessories for tape machines and recording consoles, Brainstorm saw the need for time code solutions and a whole product line followed, including time code generators, reshapers, distributors and analyzers. From Time Code, to Video Sync, to Digital Clocks, Brainstorm’s commitment has remained unchanged: to design innovative, high quality products that promote fast and efficient workflow in the studio.

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Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalizer

Brainstorm DCD-8
Brainstorm DCD-8 Rear

A most versatile solution for all your clocking needs: WC Generator, WC Distributor, Analyzer, Audio Router/Format Converter, Video Sync Generator. Clock generating, distributing, clean up, analyzing, format converting, it does it all for a very affordable price.

  • Ultra Low Jitter Word Clock Generator
  • Extracts a clean Word Clock from Audio (AES, S/PDIF, ADAT) or Video (Incl. HD)
  • Generates multiple rates simultaneously
  • Word Clock Distributor
  • World Clock Analyzer
  • Audio Router/ Format converter (FireWire included)
  • Audio Reclocker
  • Video Sync Generator (optional) VSG-4

Brainstorm VSG-4 Video Sync Generator for DCD-8

Brainstorm VSG4A low-jitter HD/SD Sync Generator combines the latest high-resolution video standards with the DCD-8 high precision digital audio clocks.

Brainstorm CX-4 Word Clock Expander for DCD-8

Brainstorm VSG4This option card provides an additional 4 Word Clock outputs to the Brainstorm DCD-8 for a total of 12. Includes the same termination status display.

Brainstorm DCD-12 Word Clock Distributor and Generator

Brainstorm DCD-12
Brainstorm DCD-12 Rear

A most versatile solution for all your clocking needs: WC Generator, WC Distributor, Analyzer, Audio Router/Format Converter, Video Sync Generator. An excellent companion to the Brainstorm DCD-8 using the same exceptional jitter reduction technology, the DCD-12 allows you to distribute Word Clock through its 12 BNC outputs.

  • 1 x 12 Word Clock Distributor
  • High precision Word Clock Generator
  • References: WC, AES, 10MHz (GPS, rubidium clock), Video (HD or SD)
  • Exceptional jitter reduction technology (Jet PLL)
  • Gearboxing: output rate can be different than the rate of the reference
  • Pull up and pull down rates available as well as VSO (+ or – 200 cents)
  • Simple, inexpensive dual redundant power supply support
  • Ethernet: remotely set and monitor parameters + load firmware updates

Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalizer

Brainstorm SR-112
Brainstorm SR-112 Rear

Combines a Reader, a Distributor, a Reshaper, an Analyzer and a Generator. Identifies problems instantly (format, phase, errors), and fixes them.

As a replacement for the industry standard SR-15+, the SR-112 reshapes and distributes time code, while analyzing it.


  • Identifies time code, reports errors (rate, type, drop outs)
  • Monitors time code / video phase
  • Outputs a complete report via Ethernet


  • Eliminates level fluctuations
  • Buffered outputs; balanced or unbalanced
  • Adjustable Output Levels


  • Repairs errors such as drop outs or video phase
  • Generates new Time Code with or without video reference

TGC Time Code Generator Software Options for the SR-112

Brainstorm SR-112

The TCG is an option for the SR-112 that enables the user to generate time code. Installation is very simple as it is software only and doesn’t require any hardware modification.

  • Generates all standard time code formats
  • Genlocks to video sync (HD and SD)
  • Repairs time code:
  • Copy Mode (Regenerate)
  • Jam Sync Mode
  • Can also delay time code and correct phase errors

SP/SR112 Serial Port Hardware Option for the SR-112

Brainstorm SP/SR112 Serial Port Option

The SP/SR112 is an option for the SR-112 that enables you to remote-control your unit. It includes a serial port adapter and the complete protocol documentation.

  • Enables remote control of the SR-112 Time Code Generator
  • Includes all commands, such as START and STOP
  • Includes all settings such as Start Time and Time Code Format
  • Includes current time feedback over the serial port
  • Easy installation (rear panel option insert)

Brainstorm SR-28 Timecode Reshaper/Distributor

Brainstorm SR-28
Brainstorm SR-28 Rear

Cleans up time code and distributes it to multiple destinations through 8 individually buffered outputs. Ideal for long cable runs. Either of the 2 inputs can be selected.

Like it’s big brother the SR-112 Distripalyzer, the SR-28 can drive time code over long cables, making it ideal for synchronization during live shows and remote recording.

  • 2 x 8 time code distributor
  • Buffered outputs
  • Individual output level adjust
  • Low input threshold can help recover unreadable code
  • Reshaper eliminates amplitude fluctuations
  • Ideal to send TC over long cables
  • 2 power inputs for redundancy