Sanken Exhibits Full Range of Chromatic Mics at Winter NAMM

Featuring Studio Cardioids, Compact Condensers, and the Supersonic CO-100K

Anaheim, CA, Winter NAMM 2019– Sanken will be demonstrating the full range of nine unique Sanken Chromatic professional studio microphones for the first time at NAMM, booth #15123 ACC North Hall Level 1. The company will be featuring the CU-51 and CU-55 studio cardioids, the remarkable supersonic wide-range CO-100K omni, along with the recently re-released CU-31 and CU-32 high-input, high transient response, compact condenser mics.

NAMM attendees who drop by the booth for a demo will be entered in a raffle for the CU-31 Sanken Chromatic condenser mic, MSRP $995.

The CU-31 and CU-32 capture sound beautifully, from quiet nuanced performances to loud bombastic explosions. A high transient response allows for the superb broadcast or recording of percussion, cymbal sounds and woodwind instruments. They also feature 6dB higher sensitivity than conventional microphones. As a result, they are suited for cleanly capturing such explosive, high pressure sound sources as trumpets and drums, particularly in tight spaces.

Designed for studio recording engineers, producers, musicians and sound designers who demand the highest level of transparent, accurate, and natural sounding recordings, the Sanken Chromatic Series can handle anything from the roughest sounds of a metalcore band to the supernatural realm of symphonic recording. Three of the most popular Sanken mics are featured here:

CU-51 Dual-Diaphragm Condenser Mic

The CU-51 offers a new dual-capsule design pioneered by Sanken, providing an exacting cardioid pattern ideal for vocals and a wide range of musical applications. The specially designed double capsule has one diaphragm that is optimized for low frequencies, while the other one captures the higher frequencies, with guaranteed phase coherency. The result is a mic with a unique “dimensional sound.”

CU-55 All Purpose Premium Quality Cardioid Mic

Featuring a modern, ultra-compact design, the CU-55 provides a rich vintage sound in a small, lightweight, easy to position package. Capable of high SPL, it has been tuned to create a perfect cardioid pattern, with little proximity effect and a truly flat response at 90º off axis.

CO-100K Supersonic Wide-Range Omni-Directional Condenser Mic

With a 20Hz ~ 100kHz range, the CO-100K omni-directional condenser microphone is the world’s first super wide-band microphone designed specifically for professional high-resolution, high sample rate recording. Initially finding favor with engineers for orchestral main microphone arrays, it is now being used extensively in a wide range of applications including many acoustic instruments.

plus24/Sanken Chromatic NAMM Booth #15123 ACC North Hall Level 1