Sound Generation in New York Adds Digital Audio Denmark’s MOM to the Studio

Adding MOM to the DAD AX32

Studio Manager and Chief Engineer, Andrew Mittelman, chose AX32 for the studio’s audio-routing years ago. Now, he has added tactile monitor control with one of the new MOM units.

Sound Generation expanded their AX32 units with the Pro | Mon monitoring control license. “I have always admired the design, functionality and aesthetic of the Pro | Mon software and would like to use it exclusively for monitor control, which is why I have been eagerly inquiring about the release of the Monitor Operating Module. I have had success controlling Pro | Mon from the Avid Control app for the iPad, but would prefer a physical solution to talkback, mute, level etc.,” said Andrew Mittelman.

“I am now the happy owner of a new MOM. Just want to write to say that the implementation and interface is fantastic. I recently added 32 AD/DA to the (2) AX32 units that are used as the main I/O in the studio. Thank you very much for a great product.”

Sound Generation MOM
DAD MOM Monitor Operating Module

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Sound Generation AX32